Exercise Bike Controlled Fitness Game Exercise Bike Controlled Fitness Game Exercise Bike Controlled Fitness Game

Works With Any Stationary Bike

$49, Sensor Included

Play in Casual Mode or Full VR

About Songbird

Getting In Shape

What if you actually wanted to work out? Songbird is a $49, exercise bike controlled fitness game that keeps you motivated to play.

  • Input Sensor Included
  • Count-Down Calorie Counter Built In
  • Addictive Design
  • Single-player, story-driven experience
  • Works with Android phones (4 GB min)

The Game

Compelling Story

Pilot pedal-powered flying machines on a quest to find your lost friend in the year 1499.

War or Diplomacy

Capture enemy towns through battles and bombing runs... or chase pigeons instead to forge diplomatic relations.

Build Your World

Town creator mode lets you place buildings to unlock support ships and new aircraft. Don't forget to pedal or you fall out of the sky.

Checkpoint Racing

Build the Academy to race from town to town. Fly close to the ground for a speed boost and win in-game money.

Infinite World

How far can you fly? I have no idea. But it's at least a million miles. Visit desert, tundra, mountains, and six other biomes.

Choose Your Style

Use Autopilot to casually play through the story one-handed. Or, use your phone as a VR headset through Google Cardboard for total immersion.

Make Good War

Reach Fitness Goals

Canyon runs, of course

Works for upper body too

Sensor included

Complete Bombing Missions

Learn to Race

It is a long story...

Set your goals

Steal Treasure

Build Towns


Yes, the Songbird Input Sensor can also be used as a regular cadence sensor, with popular fitness apps like Openrider, Peloton, RidewithGPS, Zwift, Rouvy, tacx, TrainerRoad, Wahoo and others. Sensors like this alone usually retail for $60.

You enter your calories like a typical, useless counter on the main menu. But instead of counting up, the Songbird calorie counter counts DOWN so you know how many calories you can consume to achieve your fitness goals. When you bike to play the game, more calories are automatically added to your total as you burn them.

The Songbird game is designed from scratch to motivate users to play and stay fit. You'll always have a goal to achieve in-game, in persuit of completing the story. Once you gain ownership of a town, you gain tax income, but the payout only happens if you bike for at least a few minutes that day. You don't have to be in shape to start playing Songbird, but by the time you finish it, you will be.

No, only the Songbird cadence sensor can be used with the Songbird game. Your sensor is linked to your copy of the game as part of purchase.

It's insanely easy. When you complete your order, we ship the sensor to you. Once you get it, just strap it to the pedal of any exercise bike (or actually, any workout machine with circular motion.) Download the Songbird app which is free on the Google Play store. Start the game and start pedaling; your sensor will be detected automatically by Songbird.

To play Songbird you will need an Android phone with at least 4 GB of RAM and any exercise equipment with circular motion. Using VR mode also requires a Google Cardboard adaptor with button which can be purchased elsewhere online for as little as $8.

Sure, if you're unsatisfied with Songbird for any reason, please return it within 30 days for a full refund.


Food is delicious, and working out is boring and hurts. What if there were a way to get fit playing video games?

When you're playing Songbird, you won't be thinking about reps or distance. You'll be thinking about finally chasing down that fighter, getting more fire arrows or finding a way to travel to the next town.

Ever been working out and realized you accidentally did it for a half hour more than you meant to? Yeah, me neither. Until I played Songbird.


There are companies out there trying to sell you new bulky fitness equipment that also motivates you for $2,500. I say, how about fifty bucks?! And you can use the dusty old exercise bike in your attic, or the one you got from a discount store for $100... or that $2,500 machine you bought and used once because it was boring.

There are lots of fitness games on the market, so what makes this different? Well you're not riding a bicycle in the game, because you can do that in real life. And you're not riding something ridiculous like a pegasus either. Can someone show me where the pedals are on a pegasus? With pedal-powered flying machines, Songbird is novel enough to get you playing, and believable enough to keep you playing.


Songbird goes beyond being playable. Innovation allows the game to unfold a believable world. Bike as far as you want in any direction and the terrain just keeps going! I'm not sure if this has been done before in a mobile game.

The calorie counter in Songbird is configurable and calculates your caloric needs with a modified Harris–Benedict equation (with override), and counts them in a way that recommends exactly how much to eat at any given time to achieve your fitness goals. It does not go by calendar day, so it works with any schedule.